Our Story

 Mother-Daughter Owned Business.

Mother & Daughter Owed Business


Necessity is the mother of invention, and that is how Family Keep Clean Company was born. Suddenly, and seemingly without warning, we realized amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Lock-down, that our family was facing a problem that soon threatened to reach catastrophic proportions. I unexpectedly suffered a debilitating illness and upon returning home from the hospital discovered that I had become highly allergic and reactive to all chemicals in products of any kind that I came into contact with. Even my clothes and sheets all had to be replaced with natural organic materials or I would break out in hideous rashes that would not heal for weeks and were both itchy and painful. At the same time, COVID-19 conditions demanded frequent cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing of everything and everyone that came into our home. Ongoing use of sanitizing gels and harsh soaps were making our family miserable.

My daughter was constantly looking for an option that would eliminate germs, was pleasant to use, felt good, and didn’t smell like lavender.   

We are so fortunate to count amongst our family members two huge Shepards, Panther and Storm, and they were suffering too! Both of them were itching, scratching, biting and of course,  shedding like crazy. We were becoming desperate. We scoured the internet for products that were made from natural organic ingredients and were at least as effective as commercial products ( but better for our family and for our community ) and we were stumped. Every product we looked at was either full of chemicals I was allergic to or sold out for months on end. One day, the very last drop of the only bottle of sanitizer in the house was gone. The news announced an evident world wide shortage of cleaning supplies that would last until 2021… it was the summer of 2020. 

We started doing research like mad scientists! The next thing you know, we were in product trials and met with outstanding outcomes. Soon, our friends and family noted that we loved using our new sanitizers in gorgeous glass bottles and we didn't seem to be bothered by all the cleaning and wiping and didn't have dry, sticky or stinky residue left on our hands, and they wanted a bottle for themselves. Soon, every friend of a friend wanted one too... 

At the same time, both of our dogs were positively gleaming and clean enough to sleep in our beds every night. How could this be possible? As pet parents know, the proper grooming of their furry family members may involve so many enormous challenges when the scratching, biting and shedding can drive you to tears . Many families added pups and kitties to their households but the resources to care for them in a Pandemic when the most stringent grooming standards were urgently required, simply didn't appear in the marketplace. 


We are working tirelessly to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by making cleaning and sanitizing a delightful experience that leaves your life a little better than it was. All our products are built on a foundation of organic therapeutic grade essential oils, and contain no chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances or coloring agents. All of our delicious scents are created by Nature and provide incredible health benefits of aromatherapy in every bottle. We curate collections for every member of your circle of love, that make them happy, healthy and clean.

Our Signature Line and Lux Line of products are loved by both children and adults of every age.

We are wholeheartedly committed to the continued well being of our pets, and count them as FAMILY. Our Furrever Family Line of grooming and hygiene products are alcohol free, created especially for dogs and cats and cater to their unique needs. Pet parents love the results and pets love the experience.

We are a mother and daughter enterprise and a minority, woman owned and operated business, located in Oakland California. Everything we make is freshly made by hand, cruelty free, vegan, green and sustainable. We utilize ingredients,  products and practices that are good for us, our animals and for our Earth.  

Help us end the spread of COVID, and many other diseases and contaminants by making clean hands a lifelong habit.