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The Family Pack
The Family Pack
The Family Pack
The Family Pack

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The Family Pack

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The Family Pack is our MUST HAVE Trio!

Our greatest value, giving you and your pets the best on the go clean you could ask for.

1x πŸ“Berry Breeze, 1x πŸ‹Pink Lemon-Aid

AND 1x Pet Deodorizer

πŸ• Puppermint OR 🐈 Meow Mint.

No furry family members? You can still customize your trio with your choice(s) of πŸ“Berry Breeze & πŸ‹ Pink Lemon-AidΒ 

πŸ“ Berry Breeze -Β Sweet ripe strawberries, and home grown spearmint mingle in this crisp scent loved by children and adults alike. It lifts your mood and refreshes the mind and body.

πŸ‹ Pink Lemon-Aid -Β Red raspberries and Meyer lemons make this lovely scent summer in a bottle. Pink Lemon Aid takes you back to summer camp and quenches your skin any time of the year rain or shine.

πŸ• Puppermint -Β This amazing formula is the answer to all the challenges that pup parents face! It combats dandruff, kills germs, and effectively cleans dirt and grime from paws, snouts, ears and tails. Apply to a wet wipe, paper towel or clean cloth and use as a bath alternative to wipe down your pup between washes. Puppermint moisturizes the skin and hydrates the fur leaving a glorious, shiny coat and a delightful fresh scent.

🐈 Meow Mint - As a kitty parent your little snuggly wuggly love muffin turns into a ferocious wild beast at the word bath or the sight of the tub or a trip to the groomers. We have developed a fast, green, clean, sustainable and organic way to clean, refresh, deodorize and delight your kitty with an unexpected treat at the same time! No water needed. Simply shake, and spray onto a clean cloth, wet wipe, or grooming glove and wipe all over. You will love the fresh and herbal blend of our organic essential oils like spearmint and your kitty will adore our secret ingredient: fresh organic catnip extract

Each bottle is two ounces.